Brand structure

Since deciding to follow a new path and developing a direct relationship with his clientele a small revolution has taken place in the Quentin Veron universe. He has decided to structure the brand differently and there are no more seasons for his collections. The brand is now divided into different lines; Paris and Los Angeles that correspond to different inspirations, moods, places and settings.

Quentin Veron Paris
Quentin Veron Paris is the pillar brand of the Quentin Veron universe. One of a kind pieces full fur pieces with a unique aesthetic that defines the vision of the Quentin Veron brand. As the Paris collection is centered on larger pieces, coats, jackets and capes it could be considered the winter collection.

Quentin Veron Los Angeles
This collection lighter in its conception, inspired by Los Angeles, it has a younger feel and incorporates other elements such as leather and feathers with fur. Although the collection is available year round, Quentin Veron Los Angeles could be considered the summer collection.

Atelier Quentin Veron
A collection of “red carpet” dresses made of the finest fabrics, fur and feathers. Atelier Quentin Veron is a collaboration that is the fruit of an encounter between two master craftsmen, Quentin Veron the furrier and Eric Charles-Donatien a master feather worker. This collection is not just spectacular evening dresses; it is also a collection of exclusive furs made of the most exclusive pelts such as sable and chinchilla combined with precious finishing.

Quentin Veron Home
A line of furniture and accessories for the home, cushions, blankets and throws made of fur. The Home collection has pure lines and a clean aesthetic that create Quentin Verons universe.

Mini Q
Mini Q is a line of exclusive children’s clothing made of fur and influenced by Quentin’s fascination with Tim Burton. A line of children’s directly inspired the Quentin Veron collection. The mini member of the “Rock Adams Family”.

Vécu (or VQ)
A line of vintage furs, revisited and modernized in Quentin Verons’ unique style. This collection is conceived for those who prefer not to wear new fur or who just want to give new life to grandmas old mink.